What information do we need to give you for 3D renderings?

We just need initial drawings or sketches to start the process of rendering with a little description on FF&E.

What kind of turnaround time is expected?

The turnaround time could be as low as 24 hours depending upon the urgency and complexity of the scale of work, generally we require couple of hours to get back to you with the quote and time schedule.

Are there any CAD standards you follow or we need to provide them?

We follow AIA and RIBA standards of drafting, we can follow the same standards as required by the client and we can work on their stan dards to produce some quality of drawings in our studio.

How do I send the original drawings if we don't have an in−house scanner?

You may courier the original documents through FEDEX or DHL.

Can I use fax machine to send the originals?

If the document size you wish to fax is clear enough and fits A4 size, any drawings bigger than A4 needs to be scanned and e−mail to us.

What are the various ways of making the payment?

Payment can be made in US Dollar, Pound Sterling or any currency via or through wire transfer and PAY PAL.

Does the drawing look different, if executed offshore?

Right from day one we focus our efforts to parallel the drawing procedures followed in your office. Thus if you provide us with sample draw ings, we can pick up layers and other formats from them and incorporate the same in the output drawings we produce at our end.

What about security of data?

All work done in our studio is secure and we are ready to sign a non−disclosure certificate with client if required. Our clients should be as sured that their work will remain secure and will not be shared or readily available for being misused.

Do you spell−check your drawings?

We not only spell−check all the drawings by taking prints our before sending the same to clients.

How do we communicate?

A wide range of options are available for communication; Email, Phone, Fax, Phone, Instant Messengers like Yahoo, Msn, Skype, AOL