Hospitality Drafting Services

Virtual Cad Design provides Hospitality drafting Services and has extensive experience design documentation of Hotels, Resorts, Convention centers, Mixed use and Leisure industry.


Virtual Cad Design portfolio of services includes, Concept Development, Design documentation services, Construction documentation services for Architects, Interior designer, Builders and other Designer Verticals.


We provide end to end complete 3D interior design and design documentation services for Hospitality industry spanning from Hotels, Resorts design, Banquets design, Ball room design, Conference room design, Hotel Suits design, Twin Room design, Double room design, Single room design, presidency suite design, Specialty restaurants design, reception design, Hotel Lobby design, Bar room design, Hotel design, Spa design and Night club design.


Virtual Cad Design offers complete services from Concept Development to Hospitality drafting services across different hospitality verticals including Hotels, Resorts, and Integrated Mixed use Development, Clubs, Urban Entertainment and Recreation Centers, Spa and wellness facilities. The services that we provide in the design industry are tailored to meet each client's individual needs.


Our experience makes ideally suited to assist you with your hospitality development project.