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Why Outsourcing

We are leaders in design documentation services for Architects and interior designer and we offer high quality, low cost global outsourcing services in CAD and BIM. Our scope of services spans across Architecture, Interiors and 3D rendering and modelling services.


Our team has worked on many projects ranging from Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Spas, Retail Outlets, Commercial Centres, Restaurants, and Corporate Interiors to high rise buildings In the current economic condition, companies are focusing on reducing operating costs, achieve productivity and improve their competitive position. Lack of scalability has become a major impediment to achieving these goals.


Economic pressures have forced professional firms to think hard about ways to increase profitability and be more competitive in the marketplace. The changes in technology and globalization have made it feasible for Architects, Engineers, Owner−Builders, and Contractors to succeed in this competitive economy by leveraging outsourcing. Firms that take advantage of outsourcing are well positioned to be competitive and innovative.